About Us

Who we are



Sweet and Sassy Pets is a one-stop online solution for all your pet supply needs.  We proudly represent high quality brands and products that will help you ensure the health and happiness of your pet friend. 


Sweet and Sassy Pets is a small, family operated business.  Like you, we are crazy about our pets! Angel is the youngest, our rescue girl. She had everything against her, being a black female pit-bull with (almost) three legs.  She did get to keep her fourth leg and is now as healthy, adorable and happy as she can be! She was given to us for free because her chances of adoption were extremely low and because at the time we were fostering for Rescue Pit Bull (after fostering for the SPCA as well).  Maggie is the eldest. She picked her daddy and really tried hard to be the chosen one out of the litter of “no breed, funny looking, puppies”. Well, she didn’t have to try too hard because she stole daddy’s heart away right from the beginning. They are both very special to us, and I guess you could say we are a “blended family”. And because we don’t want to miss them, they come to work with us most days. Growing up, I personally had all sorts of pets, each special, and each greatly missed today (dogs, cats, a squirrel, ferrets, a bunny, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, parrots, turtles, chicken, etc). I imagine you can tell. We love animals to pieces, just like you love your pet baby too!  



Meet our babies!


                                                           Meet our baby pet Angel     Meet our baby pet Maggie

Angel on the left, looking towards the horizon as she relaxes on a boat ride at Alouette Lake, in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada.   Maggie on the right, taking the beautiful scene in, at Sunshine Coast, BC. 



What inspires us


Looking at our pets, and loving them this much, is what inspires us to provide you with more and more options for your furry ones.  And, because we are not a gigantic world brand, you will find us easy to approach, personable, and passionate about providing you with the best in pet products; from dog and cat food, to toys, activity centers, treats, and everything in between.  If you aren’t able to find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us to inquire.  There are many pet products that aren’t listed on our website that we can still make accessible to you! 


The place we call home


We live in beautiful British Columbia, right in the incredible “great outdoors”, about an hour away from Vancouver.  Our products however, ship from the USA, directly from USA based manufacturers and suppliers.  It is the perfect mix for us. This is where we can take our dogs for a hike and see what collar or harness works best for us! We learn about toys, bowls, treats, best dog food and so on, by testing our own products on our furry children. You can be sure we only choose the best, as we do for you and your baby.  And these are the brands and companies that you will find on this site, and the ones we trust.


Oh! and yes, our dogs are very spoiled, though we also discipline and exercise them well so they live a happy and balanced life. 


Our commitment to you and to pets and people around the world


We are committed to ensuring your shopping experience is beyond excellent, and we are always easy to reach by email or using our contact form in case you have any questions regarding our products and/or our service.  


Sweet and Sassy Pets serves the USA market mainly (many of our products also ship to Canada). Our products and suppliers are always growing as we look for the absolute best in pet products, at the most competitive prices, every single day.


And since our site is constantly expanding, we recommend you visit us often to make the most of our promotions and deals.  You might also want to consider signing up to our newsletter and following us on facebook and twitter to get fresh news, tips, and promos.


We hope you can get to know us and our work too.  Not only do we thrive to offer you excellent pet products, but we also value charity work (both with pets and with people). We use our work as a means to also serve others and to give back to the community in everyway we can.  This is our purpose.  This is what motivates us and wakes us up in the morning with a smile.  We are very blessed to be able to help others through what we do.  Whether we can help organizations provide shelter, care and a forever home for any animal, or education, a safe environment and a future to a child; our work is motivated by them. And you are a crucial part of this work.  Your purchase helps us help them. And for that, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


We really do look forward to serving you!  Thank you for shopping at Sweet and Sassy Pets.