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Cleaners: Stain removers and Odor Control


Sweet and Sassy Pets understands those oops! Moments.  Those times when a cleaner or pet stain remover is urgently needed. Perhaps you have been out of the house for too long. Or maybe you have a puppy in training or your pet is sick or your doggy forgot letting you know he or she really, really needed to go do “something” outside the house.  And when you walk in, you find a “surprise” on the floor or carpet.  It’s not pleasant, we understand, and for those moments you need a great cleaner! A pet stain remover, that will easily help you clean the mark and leave no trace of the accident.  One that will help you remove the stain, control pet odors and maybe even prevent your pet from re-marking that area.   Check out this wonderful stain remover product, Simple Solution Oxy Charged Pet Stain Remover which penetrates deeply to remove odors and prevent stains.


Pet Gates

For many different reasons sometimes it’s needed to limit an area where pets can have access to inside our homes.  You might want to keep your pet outside the kitchen, or away from the carpet or any other area of your home.  Sweet and Sassy Pets has a great selection of pet gates that will help you achieve this purpose.  Take a look at one of our pet gate products, such as our Emperors Rings Doorway Door Gate  as an example of this fantastic pet gate products.


Pet Steps

At Sweet and Sassy Pets we love the little ones!  And for them we have a selection of pet steps to help them reach a bed, sofa or specially assigned doggy chair.  Pet Steps are a wonderful way to help them while preventing injuries.  As an example, we recommend our PupSteps, which can also be easily folded and stored away.  This is an excellent addition as it won’t permanently compromise the space in your home.