Pet Food and Treats

Pet Food and Treats


Sweet and Sassy Pets offers you a variety of pet food and pet treatsPet food that has been designed to meet your cat’s or your dog’s, nutritional needs for every stage and condition of his or her life, from puppy to senior.    Many pets also have special requirements, due to health or weight concerns, and for each of these unique needs, at Sweet and Sassy Pets you will be able to find the products that best suits those requirements.


It is always good to have the recommendation and opinion of a veterinary to be able to pick the ingredients that your pets needs based on his or her age, weight, and particular condition.  Sweet and Sassy Pets is proud to distribute high quality pet food and pet treats to make your decisions a bit easier.


For your pretty Kitten we offer dry cat food and canned cat food to help you keep him or her at a healthy balance.  You can pick among different flavors to keep your kitty extra happy.  You can top his happiness with some yummy cat treats!


Dog Food

Dogs are absolutely awesome!  Their many breeds, sizes, personalities, levels of activity and energy, all so unique and so incredibly amazing!  And because of their many unique needs, Sweet and Sassy pets is offering you a complete selection of nutritious and healthy dog food, like Real Meat Chicken Dog Food.  We also include great raw food meal mixers, such as Chewy Chicken Meal Mixers, to compliment the diet your dog is currently in.   The highest quality pet products and pet food will make a great difference in how your pet develops and becomes his or her very best!


Dog Treats

We are so proud of this section!  We offer you delicious and unique dog treats, like our Assorted Dog Donuts and Blue Buffalo Bones Mini, as well as awesome ideas, like dog birthday cakes!  Have you ever celebrated your dog’s birthday?  They love it!  And what better way to keep great memories and photos than to have a birthday cake for your dog and take lots of photos of him enjoying it until the last drop!   Take a look at this beautiful birthday cake, our Classic Cakes unisex and also one like our Woodland Squirrel Cake, which we absolutely love!


Pet bowls


Oh! And what a great investment to have pet bowls that you will love to have in your home!  We carry an original and fun line of pet bowls.  There are many styles and colors to choose from, and each of them is adorable!    These pet bowls have been designed to be licked clean by your cat or your dog.  For your kitty, you might consider something like our black and white ceramic fish shaped bowl, and for your dog, you might like our adjustable pet feeder.




At Sweet and Sassy Pets you will also find some very helpful supplements for dogs and cats dealing with certain health issues. For example, we carry glucosamine DS, especially designed for your dog and cat, for extra join function support.  Supplementing your pet is a great idea, especially when they are getting older or have experienced any injuries.  We know you want to spoil your baby and help him or her achieve the best level of health possible.


Thank you for shopping at Sweet and Sassy Pets!