Small Pets

Small Pets


Sweet and Sassy Pets understands how delicate your little friend is. Small pets require our outmost attention and care.  Whether you own a bird, fish, hamster, rabbit, ferrit, chinchilla or lizard, we would love to help you find the small pet supplies you need for him/her.


Small pets are extremely fun! And with the right food, products and accessories you will be able to help your little pet live a happy and healthy life.


If you own a fish, you can browse among our fun aquariums.  You can also choose among some aquarium decorations to make your fish tank look awesome and alive.


Perhaps you are looking for a functional, fun and practical cage for your bird, like the beautiful Casbad Bird Cage.  Or a hamster cage, like our fun Circus Fun Hamster Cage .   Do you own a rabbit and are looking for a rabbit cage? or ferret cage, like our Corner Ferret Cage?  The right cage will become your pets home and habitat, so it’s a good investment to choose the one you think your little one will enjoy the most.  Consider his/her habits, for example: how much exercise he/she needs, how big or small the habitat needs to be,  how much food needs to be available for your pet at one given time, etc.  You might also consider things such as, what food dispensers will you need and the type of work involved in keeping that environment clean.  Thinking ahead will help you choose the best option for your pet.


If you have chicken pets, we can also help you with a house cage (or chicken coop).  These houses make great habitats for chickens and other small animals.


Maybe your baby pet is a lizard and you are looking for accessories to use in his/her reptile tank?  We got you covered!


And for your little critters, we also offer you a variety of accessories.  For example: toys for them to play with, leashes, food dispensers, bedding and so much more. 


We also have a variety of food and treats for your small pet to grow healthy.


Our site is constantly expanding, so we invite you to visit often to find other cool products we will be introducing for your small pet.


If you are interested on reading more about pets, watching fun or cute videos of different animals, or getting interesting tips about different pets, we invite you to follow us on facebook and on twitter.  We look forward to hearing from you!