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We know how much you love your puppy, and for that reason, Sweet and Sassy Pets wants to offer you the best in dog supplies.  In this section you will be able to find a large selection of dog products and dog accesories. 


To give you a few examples of what our dog supplies category offers you, here are some products you can choose from:


Super Comfy Dog Beds

Perhaps you are looking for a special pet bed where your dog can have the most incredible and fun dreams? Inside our pet bedsselection, you will be able to find three categories. The first album shows our luxury pet beds, which are beds especially designed to extra pamper your dog or cat, like Sweet and Sassy Pet's Brown Chewy Vuiton bed or Chewnel #5 bed. Inside our second album you will find our premium dog beds, which are super comfy and also good for either a dog or a cat. An example of a premium dog or cat bed is the Rectangle Pet Bed by Doodle Dog. And inside our third album, you will be able to choose among standard dog beds, which will cover the basic, but very cozy needs of your baby pet.


Dog Ferrari Pet Bed


Bark Control Devices

If you would like to train a dog that has the habit of barking too much, we also offer you a great selection of Bark Control devices, such as iQ No Bark collar. 



Dog Toys 

We want to help you keep your dog happy and healthy.  We think of every pet dog as a little ray of sunshine in our lives.  And for all the fun they give us, we also enjoy playing with them!  Choose among a great selection of dog toys.   And maybe you need to keep your dog entertained while you are busy. For that we also have toys such as the dog activity gambling tower. We hope your puppy has a blast!



Dog Collars and Leashes

Does your dog love it when you play with him/her? Does your dog know the word “park”? They love it! Daily play time and exercise helps them be the best they can for you and your family. Some dogs require more exercise than others, and younger ones even more! For those fun walks or hikes, Sweet and Sassy Pets also offers you a variety of collars and leashes. You could choose something super cool, like the Black Nylon Jeweled Collar with Blue Stones, to dazzle your baby!



Dog Houses

In the sweet dog section, you will also find a selection of super beautiful dog houses!   Dogs love having a safe place where they can relax and observe the world passing them by!



Dog Clothes and Dog Apparel

And for the sassiest of dogs, we also offer a great variety of dog clothes and apparel.   Choose among adorable dresses, coats and jackets, sweaters, or tops and tanks. Your dog will be the cutest dog ever!  For example, check this cute Cupcake applique flounce dress out! So beautiful! Your puppy will love it!



Dog Grooming

And for your dog grooming needs, we also offer a selection of items that can help you spoil your dog! Pamper your dog with a Gift Luxury Fragrance!


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So go ahead and enjoy this “Sweet Dogs” section.  We hope you find the dog supplies you are looking for.  If you don’t find everything you need, please feel free to contact us to let us know what you are in search for. Our site is constantly expanding and we add new products very often!


We sincerely wish you and your baby dog, a wonderful life together!  May you both have tons of awesome adventures and may you always be healthy and full of “tail-wagging” moments!