Cat Supplies

Cat Supplies


Sweet and Sassy Pets offers you a large variety of cat supplies for your cat.  Cats are so much fun to be with!  Their personalities are so unique and it’s easy to love them. We understand you want only the best in cat products to keep your furry friend happy.


Cat Activity Centers and Scratchers

Are you looking for a cat activity center or a cat scratcher for your feline friend? Cats have a natural need to scratch in order to clean their claws.  Scratching posts will satisfy your feline’s needs, while at the same time keeping your furniture in better shape! At Sweet and Sassy Pets you will be able to find the best quality cat supplies that will make your furry friend’s life exciting and fun!  As an example of an activity center, you might want to take a look at the Two Level Activity Center and Retreat Hide away! Your cat will love it!  Or maybe the Play Tree with Scratching Post if your cat loves playing with mice and likes scratch posts too, this cat product has both!

Cat Beds

And for those cozy times, we have a beautiful selection of cat beds, like Cat Bag by DFBeautifool Pet and our Kitty Cup Pet bed among others.  Your kitty will love it!

Cat collars

As far as cat accessories go, we also bring you a great variety of cute and practical cat collars, such as Sweet and Sassy Pet’s Ribbon and Webbing Cat Collar.  Your cat will look gorgeous wearing one of these cat collars!


Cat food

We know you want nothing but the best for your cat friend! And for that reason, we want to help you keep your baby healthy. Choose among the healthiest cat food and cat treats, under our “feeding category”.  Not only will your cat find them tasty, but you will also know you are choosing nutritious food for your pet.


Cat Litter Boxes

We have so many cat-related products from which to choose from and our site is constantly expanding to bring you the best variety in cat items.  Among basic needs, you might be looking for litter boxes.  In this category you will find some lovely luxury cat washrooms, such as our Wicker and Litter box cover, which looks incredible,  like it’s part of your home furniture, making it not only appealing, but also being practical and functional at keeping the cat litter clean and odor free.

To view our selection of cat and pet carriers, visit “travel”.  These products are a great investment for owners who travel and love keeping their pets close to them and safe.  Cat Carriers and Pet Crates will help protect your cat and ensure he or she arrives to your destination without problems.


Regardless of how many cats you have and what their unique personalities and traits are, Sweet and Sassy Pets wants to help you keep you by providing you with cat supplies that will make your life simpler and your baby cat happier!


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If you have any questions, always feel free to contact us. Share your stories with us, we’d love to hear from you!